Friday, December 5, 2014

Blessed Advent to all!

There's a lot going on, liturgically and academically.  Find some quiet.

End of semester gathering for all "friends of Theology"!

Cookies and Cocoa!  (and goody bags to make finals more pleasant while supplies last!)
December 11th, Study Day
Theology Suite
Bring your friends and enjoy!

Dr. Beal's book is published!

Mystery of the Church, People of God: Yves Congar's Total Ecclesiology as a Path to Vatican II, from Catholic University of America Press.

Now you have your Christmas reading....

Our department congratulates Dr. Beal!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Save the date: Vineyard Colloquium Oct 15 at 12:15pm with Chris Rogers

Save the date!  It's time for our annual Vineyard Colloquium.  We are delighted to have Mr. Chris Rogers, the Director of Youth Ministry for the Diocese of LaCrosse, coming to speak to the on the ground realities and potential for youth ministry today.  Mr. Rogers is also a new adjunct professor in our theology department.

The 2014 Vineyard Colloquium 
Chris Rogers, Director of Youth Ministry, Diocese of LaCrosse 
Oct. 15, 2014
Free pizza and drinks!
Room TBA

Theology, Pastoral and Youth Ministry, and Educational Studies (Religious Ed) majors are expected to attend.  Clear your calendar!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Medieval and Renaissance Studies panel

"The Scholastic-Humanist Debate," and a really long subtitle that must be seen to be believed.  History, Literature, Philosophy, and Theology are involved....
Sept 22, 2014
Salvi Hall
Refreshments served.

Hope to see you there.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Wondering what to do with the Theology/Pastoral and Youth Ministry/Religious Ed degree? helps you see what may be possible.  Bookmark it and refer to it--even if you are not a senior.

(There are also the five most recently posted jobs on the left sidebar of this blog.)

Statistics made interesting: CARA stats on ministry issues

CARA header

CARA stands for Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate, located at Georgetown University.  They do phenomenal work pulling together and interpreting statistics on a variety of issues important to ministry (ordained and lay ministry) and parish life.  Occasionally we highlight blog posts here.  But you may want to check out their blog on a regular basis.  It is called 1964, and you can also get notices via twitter at caracatholic .

1964: The CARA blog

A few posts of particular interest: Who is getting paid at your parish? (good for everyone)

The Catholic Teenager: a few mysteries solved (interesting for future youth ministers)

Do Catholic Schools Matter?  (focus on elementary and high schools, good for Religious Ed majors)

Poke around in the CARA blog and on their main website.  There is amazing information in there, and it gives you a strong sense of the Catholic Church in America--not just your own experience of it.