Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Catholics on Call discernment retreat, scholarships available

For those students interested in lay ministry, religious life, or the priesthood.

Chicago Theological Union

Open to 18-30 year olds, $100.00/person fee,

Tues. July 31-Sat. Aug. 4th.

Applications due May 7th (get them in earlier than that!)

More at www.catholicsoncall.org

There is limited scholarship money available! Contact a professor in the Theology department to get started exploring that.

This video seems more angled to people recommending the week than the young people they hope will attend it, but gives you a sense of the week:

Monday, March 19, 2012

Do you like the Theology of the Body? Want a summer internship?

...passing this along...

TOB 2012 Summer Internship

Are you a young person who is interested in giving of your time and talent to further the mission of the Theology of the Body Institute? The Theology of the Body Institute has been blessed by thirteen young men and women who have given their time, talents and dedication to furthering our mission. Here are reflections from a few of our interns:

The five courses I attended renewed my understanding of marriage and the priesthood and helped me realize that whether physical or spiritual, God was calling me to be a father. The idea of the priesthood had danced around my head for many years, but I was never ready to say “Yes” to God's call. However, my year with the TOB Institute prepared me for this “Yes,” and I was accepted to the seminary in July 2010.
- Craig

By interacting with other Catholics in the workplace and at the courses, incorporating prayer more into my life, and giving what gifts I can in my work, I have gained confidence in my own person and in God.
- Katie

It has been a privilege to intern at the Theology of the Body Institute. I have been deeply impressed by the hunger for the teaching of Pope John Paul II and the incredible amount of work the Institute undertakes to bring this message to as many people as possible.
- Angela

We are now accepting applications for 2012 summer internships. Please CLICK HERE for more information or contact Jen Settle, Director of Programs at jsettle@tobinstitute.org.

p.s. This is an unpaid internship. You would be doing this for the experience!