Friday, April 15, 2011

"How Catholics Work Together: Ten Common Strengths and Weaknesses of Church-Based Organizations"

Written by a group that focuses on Catholic leadership

The Spitzer Center has worked with dozens of Catholic organizations, from parishes and dioceses to schools and health care systems.  Our experience has shown us that there’s a constellation of traits – both strengths and weakness – that define the type of culture more typically found in a Catholic workplace. There are areas in which Church-based organizations do well but businesses tend to struggle. There are also practices more common in the business world that Catholic leaders might wish to emulate.

Please bear in mind that what follows are generalizations. They aren’t true of all the organizations we’ve worked with, or all groups within a given organization.  Let me start with the strengths and move on to the weakness, since the latter sometimes results from taking the former a bit too far.

Read the article to see what the strengths and weaknesses are.  Some food for thought.