Friday, October 5, 2012

Spiritual resources on ... facebook

One of the aspects of this Spirituality for the Vineyard program is to encourage your attention to spiritual formation.  There is a lot going on at Campus Ministry, in St. Thomas More Chapel, in the TEC program....but if you are spending a fair (cough cough cough) amount of time on facebook, why not like a few programs that may remind you to attend to God, prayer, discernment, etc.?  This list is by no means exhaustive, but click, like, explore, and pray...see if it helps you strike that balance we all need.

There are lots of online sources but we're focusing on the ubiquitous facebook today.

  1. Sacred Space (daily prayer, lectio divina style, through the Irish Jesuits.  Their website is well-used worldwide and very impressive)
  2. Ignitum Today declares itself "the social network of the JPII and B16 generations."  You can judge if they speak for you, but they have an impressive group of young people writing on everything Catholic (including some spirituality issues, lots of living the faith in the world today issues).
  3. Devotional materials?  Magnificat, Give Us This Day, and The Word Among Us on fb.
  4. Discerning?  Imagine Sisters.
  5. Still discerning?  Catholics on Call.
  6. For pity's sake, like our program (Spirituality for the Vineyard) on fb! 
Feel free to add your favorites by emailing me (swindley....).
Finally, little to nothing on the spiritual formation angle, but fun:

Brought to you by Catholics Memes--some hits, some misses, but a few home runs for sure.