Friday, November 9, 2012

A snapshot of our graduates over a decade...

We (the professors in the department) were sitting in a meeting talking and trying to pin down a list of where many of our graduates, majors and minors, end up after their time at Saint Mary's.  Everyone knows it has been a rough few years with the economic recession, but we wanted to share where many people are.  We were thinking about the past 10 years, and this list is not exhaustive:

1. Post-graduate service: Lasallian Volunteers, Mercy Volunteer Corps, Dominican Volunteers, the Peace Corps, NET, LAMP ministries, the Catholic Worker

2. Graduate study in theology and/or ministry (in no particular order): Notre Dame, Marquette, University of Dayton, Loyola/Chicago, Catholic Theological Union, Saint Louis University, Saint Michael's/Toronto School of Theology, Villanova, Saint Paul Seminary, Franciscan University of Steubenville, and those who study in other fields: Lewis University (non-profit management), UCLA (MSW), staying at SMU (MA in marriage and family counseling, MA in Instruction)

3. Jobs: in various parishes across the Upper Midwest as DREs, youth ministers; teaching in Catholic elementary and high schools, working as organizers for social justice organizations, working directly for a diocese....

4. Vocations: different women and men in formation for religious life, a couple living and working in Catholic Worker communities.  Of course, many get married and are leaven in the world in that way.

It's a difficult economy for sure and we know many are struggling, but we like to remind people that we do prepare people for "the Vineyard" in a variety of important ways, working within the Church structures or outside! 

If you're an alum, contact us and tell us what you are doing!