Thursday, May 2, 2013

Summer Events: Life Teen's Leadership Conference

June 24-18, 2013 at Benedictine College in Kansas. ($475 registration, which is good for room, board, and what you are getting for a week!)  Register now if interested, or call for more info (number at bottom of webpage).

From the website:

LTLC. Inspiring tomorrow’s Church leaders. Today.

At the heart of the Life Teen Leadership Conference is a generation of teens rising up and taking their faith seriously. They no longer want a “feel good” faith; they crave depth and substance. These teens are changing their parishes, their schools, and their families. Because we see this movement happening, our response is the Life Teen Leadership Conference.
We’ve crafted a unique take on leadership training. Yes, we believe in empowering this new generation with practical leadership skills. But not without first teaching them how to serve both God and His people. Plus we recognize that young leaders are only as strong as the community that surrounds them. That’s why we give youth ministers and priests ample time to be with their youth group. The combination of these three elements transforms teens into the leaders that God is calling them to be.