Thursday, September 9, 2010

On pizza, mind maps, and spiritual formation

The meeting! Finally! Thanks to everyone who came (should have gotten a big group shot, I know, I know)....

Conclusion #1: Goodness, we eat a lot of pizza.
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Computerized Theology

Look at us using computers. How on earth did Thomas Aquinas write his Summa without them....

Concept mapping CoWorkers in the Vineyard

Concept mapping broke out all over the place.

If you weren't there, we explained this program (on this page) AND showed people how to use the "mind map" (or concept map if you prefer). This is like a digital version of Co-Workers in the Vineyard, a tool to self-assess your formation as a Catholic Christian, and help determine next steps in discerning and growing in your vocation and ministry. More to come....