Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Franciscan Outreach Volunteers website: want to volunteer next year? Want a job?

We recently received this email from PYM major and alum, Kendall Marsden Grant '06:

...I'm now working for Franciscan Outreach Association as the Volunteer Coordinator [in Chicago]. I run a full time volunteer program like Lasallian Volunteers or many of the others...but on a much smaller scale! Only about 12 volunteers and they work on-site at either our soup kitchen site or the overnight shelter site.

...We're also accepting applications for our volunteer program if you know of any students considering post-grad volunteering I could send you more info. Here at least is the start of our blog, we're trying to use it as a new site for prospective, current and alum volunteers.

Her website:

Thanks, Kendall!

She also sent a listserve to a jobs list, and I should be posting some of those opportunities soon. If you want to sign up for the listserve yourself (a list of ministry jobs available nationally, funneled through the St. Vincent Pallotti center, sent about once a week), I believe you can subscribe here. If you are looking NOW--this is a great resource.