Thursday, January 19, 2012

Small groups opportunity this semester

Those tabs at the top of the page are a reminder of what you can be doing to improve and clarify your discernment for work in theology and ministry. The ideal with this program is to "hit" every category, and be able to show you have done the work of attending to spirituality and discernment through a concept map (see the right column video on this blog!)

Although we do not have a small group set for discernment per se (you should speak up if you want that), there is an easy way to get a small group experience this semester. Check out Campus Ministry's "Praying with Parables", an eight week series being set up all over campus at different times. More information and sign up sheet in OCM: register by January 22.

Beyond the value of setting time aside to share reading and praying with scripture, it would be good to have a Christian small group experience. They have their own dynamics and are often the life-blood of parish life, if you plan to work in that venue.

Happy first week of the semester!