Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Retreat opportunities

Many people are going to TEC (Together Encountering Christ retreat) this weekend (or you are on the TEC team!). Prayers and best wishes for a fruitful retreat!

One of the suggestions for the Vineyard experience is to make a discernment retreat. These can be arranged in retreat centers nearby, or perhaps even a busy person's retreat while in class, but discernment is often done best with some silence. To that end...the 2012 Broom Tree four-day silent Ignatian retreats! (Two of those days include travel.)

See more here, including links to typical conferences.

They also have 8 day and 30 day retreats this July, if you are interested in a more intense and lengthy discernment retreat (although you really shouldn't do a 30 day without an 8 day first). See here (left side of webpage, half way down).

The three day silent retreat dates at Broom Tree in South Dakota:


2012 Women's Ignatian Silent Retreats

February 2-5
March 1-4
May 17-20
June 7-10
August 16-19
September 6-9
October 18-21
November 1-4

2012 Men's Ignatian Silent Retreats

February 16-19
March 15-18
July 19-22
September 20-23