Friday, February 1, 2013

Hello, And We're Still Here

First, a great big "whoops."

Late last semester, our rss feed became corrupted (unclear how) and people stopped receiving emails of these posts on the blogsite.  We figured it out on this end in late January...and it took a while to figure out how to fix this very I.T. problem, especially given that your friendly blog administrator is a theologian, not a super techie.

However, the problem is fixed.  We're on a new feed and we have a new email delivery system.  If you are not receiving emails of these posts as of Feb 1, please sign up for the new Mail Chimp email delivery system in the box at upper right.  You can opt out at any time through a handy "unsubscribe" button on each email.  If there are bugs in the system, we will work them out through the next week.  Of course, you can also see the posts through visiting a lot, connecting through Twitter or facebook (see right sidebar)...but please, sign up for the email list.

So!  Where were we?  We were in the middle of the great big Spirituality for the Vineyard reboot!  What is it, why will it help me, and how do I plug in?  You can begin to explore this voluntary co-curricular program right here...and the "how to" posts will begin again starting Monday, Feb 4th.