Friday, February 22, 2013

Summer Discernment Conference/Retreat. Perhaps for free?

One of the pieces encouraged in this program is participate in a discernment retreat.  This is one of your best options, right here: The Catholics on Call Summer Young Adult Conference 2013.  The dates are August 6-10, and it is in Chicago, at the Catholic Theological Union.  Participants rave about this experience and how it helps them think and pray through what God may be calling them to within the Church.  This is not just for people thinking about the priesthood and religious life (although that works too!).  And you get to meet young people from all over the country in the same boat.

If you are interested, talk to Dean of Campus Ministry Steven McGlaun about possible scholarship funding.  You may need to get yourself there, but the registration fee that covers room and board may be covered through OCM, assuming not everyone in the department decides to attend at once.

The application for the summer program is due May 6th, but they are taking applications now.  If you are interested, please don't delay.  And let us know you want to attend!

Much more here.