Friday, February 8, 2013

Take the tour!

...of the website, that is.

At the top of the website, just above the posts, you can see tabs indicating different stand alone pages on each of the elements of the program.  We just summarized all those, but if you want to remind yourself what this is about, check those pages.

On the right, you see the various ways to get updates from the website: Email, Twitter, a facebook page.  Email is the most certain way you will see the posts.

You also see the link to how to do a concept map, as illustrated in the last post.  We're working on a new program for it, but the instructions still work, as well as the video link.  If you have questions, ask Dr WD or someone else in the department.

Keep scrolling down the right sidebar.  There are tags, to find the posts you'd like to read, long term volunteer opportunities, Catholic news websites, even the lectionary readings for the day (we're one stop shopping!).

Now, looking at the left sidebar, there is a link to the official department website, pictures of you all (and us) in action, job listings, and a link to an eight week online retreat you can start anytime (if interested).

If there is anything else you would find helpful, please contact us and let us know!

Next post: Great!  I understand it, mostly.  Now what?